The Best Aromatic Perfumes

The Best Aromatic Perfumes

When it comes to choosing a fragrance, many of us have our favourite types. Some prefer sweet and fruity scents, while others lean towards powdery florals or head-turning oriental options. If aromatic perfumes are your go-to, you’ve come to the right place.

What are aromatic perfumes?

It can be challenging to imagine an aromatic fragrance based on the title alone. What exactly does an aromatic perfume smell like? Often herbal, natural, clean, and fresh. There are lots of beautiful perfumes to choose from in this fragrance family. Let’s get you started with some of our favourites.

Davidoff Cool Water

This fresh, aromatic aftershave is pretty masculine, but that doesn’t mean only men can wear it. Top notes combine mint, lavender, and rosemary, while darker, muskier tones kick in towards the heart. Davidoff Cool Water has been a favourite since it was released in 1988, and it doesn’t look to be going anywhere.

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

Paco Rabanne does fragrance right, and this early release is no exception. Aromatic top notes include sage, rosemary, and rosewood, while lavender and amber open out later. It’s a smart, timeless choice for daytime or special occasions.

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea

Elizabeth Arden Green Tea is a light, aromatic fragrance that’s perfect for spritzing on every morning. Enjoy notes of caraway, green tea, peppermint, and fennel. Whether you wear it for work or an evening out, this aromatic Elizabeth Arden perfume is sure to make you feel great.

Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme Intenso

If you’re after something a little more intense, this woody aromatic fragrance from Dolce & Gabbana could be for you. It’s a new take on the classic Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme, with notes of basil, lavender, and tobacco. This aromatic exudes elegance, making it a perfect choice for special occasions.

Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men

This masculine fragrance has woody and aromatic notes that work day and night. Think bergamot, cinnamon, amber, and oakmoss. Its earthy feel makes it perfect for wearing on the go – a timeless signature scent for men or women.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza

This reinterpretation of the original Acqua di Parma Colonia is citrusy and woody, with aromatic notes of rosemary, clove, and jasmine. Treat yourself, or give this luxurious Acqua di Parma fragrance as a gift to somebody special.

Clinique Aromatics Elixir

This intriguing fragrance from Clinique is sure to stand out among your collection. It was made in 1975, making it the oldest perfume from Clinique. It’s stood the test of time, with aromatic notes of verbena, sage, and chamomile giving way to sweet, floral notes.

Whether you choose one of these aromatic fragrances or discover one on your own, we’re sure you’ll fall in love with their earthy charm. You can find all these and lots more when you head over to the Fragrance Direct website. Discover all your favourite brands for less when you shop with us!

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Introducing: Giorgio Armani My Way

Introducing: Giorgio Armani My Way

The new feminine fragrance by Giorgio Armani. Giorgio Armani, designer of timeless fragrances, unveils its new fragrance; My Way. Through meaningful connections to others, one finds the path to the truest version of oneself.


MY WAY is inspired by the genuine search for meaning and authenticity that lies outside oneself, ultimately creating a more profound way of being. Through the influence of serendipitous encounters and new experiences, one discovers one’s own multifaceted depths. Intimate yet universal, “I am what I live” encapsulates this ethos.


A fragrance for a new generation, MY WAY encapsulates curiosity and connections, embodied by a woman looking for experiences that challenge her preconceptions and take her into new, unchartered territory. She seeks out meaningful, authentic ways of connecting with others. Through truly learning from others, she reinvents and finds herself. Embodied by authentic and unfiltered beauty, actor Adria Arjona. She is curious and open. Learning from others, whilst discovering the world is how she forms a stronger sense of self. “You can take anything away from me, but you can’t take away what I’ve lived” Adria Arjona, Global Ambassador for MY WAY.


MY WAY is a contemporary floral fragrance with a fusion of white flowers at its heart. The fragrance is composed of the finest natural ingredients: Vanilla is sourced from Madagascar through an inclusive program that benefits local communities, while the Tuberose is harvested in India. In creating the notes, craftsmanship meets innovation, as the Tuberose heart is extracted using molecular distillation, allowing the perfumers to select the creamy, velvety facets tailor-made for MY WAY. The Orange blossom note is extracted in Egypt using an innovative, exclusive and entirely natural enfleurage process, whose cold extraction method infuses the Orange flowers in Orange essence. The artisanal approach finally translates in the manual weighing and blending of the fragrance’s concentrate in Grasse creates pure, highly-refined notes with enhanced radiance and naturality.

The Ever So Addictive Ingredients


The sparkling start of the fragrance. The orange blossom note, extracted from hand-picked bitter orange fruits in Egypt, is created using an entirely natural effleurage extraction process.


The bright floral heart of the fragrance is a contemporary interpretation of iconic flowers. The Indian tuberose flower is sourced and hand-picked near Mysore, India, in the state of Karnataka.


The enveloping vibrant base of the composition. The vanilla is sourced through a sustainable and responsible program designed to support local communities in Madagascar.

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Welcome To The MUGLER Universe Of Extraordinary Fragrances

Welcome To The MUGLER Universe Of Extraordinary Fragrances

Born of the universe of a creative genius with amazing dreams, the Mugler brand has patiently built a world that blends fantasy, extravagance and experiment. With rigorous and almost obsessive consistency: each creation – whether in fashion or perfumery – captures, interpret and conveys the Mugler spirit as on day one. Today on the blog we’re diving into Mugler’s mission and the brand’s incredible, iconic fragrances.

Mugler’s mission is to tell incredible stories every day, designing bottles that are the perfect combination of art, desire and outstanding technical prowess and composing amazing, elegant fragrances with powerful charisma. Scents that have never been smelled before, that can never be forgotten from the moment they are worn. “MUGLER, where the real world is not enough, life is a show and beauty is irresistible.” – Sandrine Groslier.

“I know why my perfumes are so attractive. It’s exactly the same thing that made me so popular as a fashion designer: a signature without compromise, instantly recognisable and outside the conventional codes.” – Thierry Mugler. Each fragrance, with its unforgettable scent, offers who wear it the rare power of being whomever they want to be. Bold, extraordinary and addictive, Mugler fragrances will be forever treasured.

Meet The Icons


Be seduced, by the irresistible and delicious scent of Angel Eau de Parfum, a bold, sensual and voluptuous fragrance, tinged with childhood memories. #Beware of Angels. Angel Eau de Parfum is a voluptuous oriental gourmand fragrance, a tender blend of sweet red fruits, soft caramel, honey and praline combined with the captivating and powerful notes of patchouli and vanilla. A truly iconic and timeless fragrance with a seductive edge.

MUGLER Angel Standing Star

Angel Eau de Toilette is a light, fresh and luminous fragrance that captures the sensual and addictive facets of Angel. Angel Eau de Toilette, is a fruity, floral gourmand fragrance for women. It opens with hits of mandarin and the subtle note of peony combined with creamy praline and apple essence. This dreamy combination is completed with a sensual and empowering base of patchouli and warm blond wood for a sensual and seductive trail.


Introducing Alien Eau de Parfum a fragrance like no other, the ultimate expression of femininity wrapped in a veil of sensuality. Alien Eau de Parfum is a fragrance like no other, the ultimate expression of femininity wrapped in a veil of sensuality, featuring a blend of rich floral notes of jasmine sambac and sensual and mysterious notes of cashmeran wood and white amber. “Be extraordinary.”

MUGLER Alien Fusion

Alien Fusion is an Oriental Floral and Spicy fragrance, a fusion of spicy ginger and cinnamon, tuberose essence, orange blossom and a comforting mix of vanilla and white amber. Alien Fusion Eau de Parfum is a captivating scent inspired by the solar eclipse. A floral and spicy blend of ginger and cinnamon, tuberose essence, orange blossom, combined with the sultry warmth of vanilla and white amber.


Introducing Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette, a floral fruity and sensual composition an instinctive fragrance that reveals a radiant and vibrant blend of fruity freshness and feline sensuality. Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette, is a floral, fruity and oriental fragrance. A crisp fresh blend of fruity pear and the soft green floral notes of hibiscus combined with the velvety soft and sensual notes of white vanilla, wolfwood and iris. “Listen to your instinct.”


Introducing Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette, a floral fruity and sensual composition an instinctive fragrance that reveals a radiant and vibrant blend of fruity freshness and feline sensuality. Aura Mugler Eau de Toilette, is a floral, fruity and oriental fragrance. A crisp fresh blend of fruity pear and the soft green floral notes of hibiscus combined with the velvety soft and sensual notes of white vanilla, wolfwood and iris. “Listen to your instinct.”


A*Men is an elegant and distinctive fragrance enriched with the explosive power of coffee absolute, for the man who dares to be different. A*MEN is a masculine and modern fragrance for men. An unexpected fusion of woody and oriental notes of patchouli and vanilla and the unusual and explosive notes of pure coffee for the man who dares to be different.

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The Best New Fragrances for 2020

The Best New Fragrances for 2020

If you’re big into fragrance, you’ll want to stay up-to-date with all the latest releases of the year. Boost your collection with cutting-edge scents or replace your one-and-only with a brand new option! Whatever your reason for buying the latest fragrances, you can find all the best new possibilities with us.

Let’s take a look at some of the best new fragrance releases for 2020, so your decision will be even more straightforward than ever.

Givenchy Gentleman Boisée

Brand-new from Givenchy, Gentlemen Boisée is a woody twist on the original Gentleman fragrance. Both strong and gentle, this masculine fragrance starts with spicy black pepper and coriander, then moves into cocoa and iris. Sandalwood and oriental notes finish every spritz, which means you or your lucky recipient will feel great whenever they wear it.

This woody, spicy, floral Givenchy aftershave comes in a sleek and stylish bottle too, so it’ll look great wherever you keep it.

Emporio Armani In Love With You Freeze

Onto a more feminine fragrance, Emporio Armani’s new In Love With You Freeze captures the thrill of joyful love. It’s soft and delicate, at the same time bursting with a subtle sensuality. Notes-wise, this new Armani perfume starts out with cherry and patchouli, with white musk at the back.

It’s an excellent addition to the Emporio Armani fragrance family and a perfect choice whether you’re familiar with the collection or not.

Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance

Let’s stick with the luxury releases. Ralph Lauren Beyond Romance is a beautiful new addition to the Romance family. Beyond Romance is a floral-woody perfume with elegance running to its core. It opens with fresh notes of mandarin and raspberry, moves into floral rose and jasmine, and ends on long-lasting vanilla.

In a sleek dusky pink bottle with minimal Ralph branding, this all-new fragrance is natural to fall in love with.

Calvin Klein CK Everyone

We get so excited whenever Calvin Klein adds to their fragrance collection, and this new release is no exception. CK Everyone is a new gender-neutral fragrance from the brand, with a clean, fresh scent that’ll take you anywhere.

But what sets CK Everyone apart? Well, it’s 100% vegan, made from naturally-derived alcohol and infused with natural ingredients. Enjoy organic orange oil, blue tea, and musky cedarwood in this complex and unique scent. We’re sure you’ll enjoy every spritz of this uplifting scent. And when you’re done, unscrew the pump and recycle the bottle!

Issey Miyake Fusion D’Issey

Ah, how we love Issey Miyake. The always sleek fragrances look great on our dressing tables, at the same time making us feel like our best selves with every spritz. This new addition, Fusion D’Issey, fits in with its predecessors perfectly.

Fusion D’Issey is a daring, masculine scent inspired by nature. It opens with a squeeze of lemon and sweetness of coconut water, then moves into rosemary, cardamom, and volcanic woods. This playful juxtaposition between hot and cold is sure to win you over from the first time you smell it.

Whether you choose one of these new 2020 fragrances or opt for something else, there’s never been a better time to add energy to your days with fragrance. Browse all of our new fragrances and choose the bottle that suits wherever you are in your life. We know you’ll find something you love.

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Gender-Neutral Scents We Love

Gender-Neutral Scents We Love

It’s time to break the convention. While lots of perfumes are designed with men or women in mind, we aren’t all about that life. It’s 2020, and it’s about time we got a little more fluid with our gendering of perfumes.

Thankfully, lots of our favourite brands are on the same page when it comes to creating vibrant gender-neutral perfumes for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a fab new scent to share with your partner or an easygoing fragrance to take you anywhere, there are lots of great unisex options to discover. Here are some of the best.

  • Calvin Klein CK One
  • Muelhens 4711 Eau de Cologne Splash
  • Benetton Hot and Cold
  • Bulgari Eau Parfumee Au the Vert
  • Comme des Garcons Amazingreen
  • Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur
  • Tom Ford Black Orchid

These gender-fluid perfumes smell great on everyone. Want to know more? Let’s take a look at the fragrance profiles of some of these unique scents.

Calvin Klein CK One

Calvin Klein’s unisex fragrance is iconic around the world, and it’s easy to see why. This light, easy-to-wear scent works perfectly for all genders thanks to its relaxed notes and freshness. We’re talking pineapple, papaya, lemon, apple, jasmine, rose, musk, sandalwood, and amber. And that’s just the original.

Since its launch in 1994, Calvin Klein has added lots of variations to the CK One range. Try a bright summer edition, CK One Shock, or CK One Gold for a new take on the classic. Whatever your style, we know you’ll fall in love with this fragrance.

Muelhens 4711 Original Eau de Cologne

Another fabulous unisex fragrance, Muelhens 4711 Original boasts a blend of citrus oils, light rose, and sandalwood. It’s easy to wear whoever you are and whatever the occasion. And the decedent packaging makes this Muelhens a perfect gift for somebody special.

Benetton Hot and Cold

Benetton Hot and Benetton Cold are two similar yet distinct fragrances that anyone can wear. Their stylish and elegant packaging sets them apart, while well-balanced fragrance notes do the rest.

Benetton Hot combines mandarin, bergamot, rosewood, lemon, apricot, iris, jasmine, sandalwood, cedar, amber, vanilla, and moss. At the same time, Benetton Cold features notes of bergamot, aldehydes, caraway, coriander, lavender, geranium, patchouli, vetiver, and musk. Try them both on for size. You’re sure to fall in love with one, if not both of these unisex fragrances.

Bulgari Eau Parfumée Au thé Vert

This excellent luxury perfume is suitable for every gender, with easygoing notes that mean it works for all occasions too. Get ready for the notes! This Bulgari unisex perfume combines coriander, orange, mandarin, bergamot, cardamom, lemon, jasmine, sandalwood, amber, musk, and cedar. You have to smell it to believe it. But trust us, this is one you’ll want to wear time and time again.

Comme des Garcons Amazingreen

Comme des Garcons do everything well, and this unisex fragrance is no exception. Boasting notes of palm, green pepper, flint, coriander, gunpowder, vetiver, and musk, this unique scent is guaranteed to turn heads.

The Amazingreen bottle is ridiculously stylish too, which means this one’s a perfect gift or a treat for yourself. You deserve it.

Gucci Mémoire d’une Odeur

Another luxury addition to our list, this gender-neutral fragrance from Gucci is one you’ll love to wear. Gucci Mémoire takes gender out of the equation, and instead reflects the confidence of whoever chooses to wear it.

It’s Gucci’s first universal fragrance, and it’s championed by Harry Styles, so you know you’re in for a treat. Notes of chamomile and coral jasmine mean this scent fits into a new fragrance family – mineral aromatic.

Tom Ford Black Orchid

This luxurious and alluring unisex fragrance promises to last even longer, so you can spray it on in the morning and head out all day and night smelling great. It’s ideal for evening and the winter months thanks to its warm, musky notes. These include jasmine, blackcurrant, bergamot, orchid, spice, fruit, sandalwood, chocolate, and vanilla.

Choose one of our favourite gender-neutral fragrances from this list and wear it whenever, wherever with confidence. You can also spray on any perfume, aftershave, or body spray you like, no matter what gender label it’s been given.

Who’s to say a favourite ‘men’s’ aftershave can’t be just as fabulous on anybody? Or that a pretty ‘women’s’ perfume can be worn by females only? We say – you do you! Wear the fragrances that make you feel great.

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New Launch Alert: Addictive Summer Perfumes You Need To Try!

New Launch Alert: Addictive Summer Perfumes You Need To Try!

Just in case you missed some of the summer’s best perfume launches, we’ve rounded them all up here for you. From Marc Jacobs’ newest innovation to Givenchy’s fruity new fusion, you’ll be adding these fragrances to your wishlist in no time!

Marc Jacobs Perfect

Our Favourite Notes: Rhubarb, Daffodil, Cedarwood

The playful and unexpected new women’s perfume, Perfect, is a comforting floral scent that celebrates optimism, self-acceptance and originality. The perfect name was inspired by Marc Jacobs’ mantra: “I am perfect as I am”, which is symbolised by a tattoo of the word “perfect” on his wrist. Like his tattoo, Perfect is about embracing and expressing one’s true self. Modern, bright and feminine, Perfect is an unconventional yet harmonious clash of fresh floral and calming smooth notes. The fragrance opens with juicy notes of rhubarb and bright daffodil that reveal a comforting heart of almond milk. The fragrance finishes with a soft dry down of cedarwood and Cashmeran. Perfect as a gift for a for a friend or daughter to show them how much you care for them or even as a treat for yourself.

Lancôme Idole Intense

Our Favourite Notes: Mandarin, Cashmeran, Jasmine

Here’s to the ones who dream big; a new generation of conquering women, strong, outspoken and empowered. Here’s to the leaders of tomorrow, glorious and luminous, igniting the flame of success and lighting the way for others. Here’s to the new Idôles, who daringly shine the path for others. To those, whose aura radiates with success and greatness, inspiring the Idôle that resides within each one of us.  Now is your time, ignite this beam of light & become a trailblazing Idôle for others. The world will shine brighter because when you succeed, you inspire others to ascend to new heights. So, ignite the flame that resides in you. It is your time to embrace your power and inspire a generation. Be your own Idôle.

BOSS Alive

Our Favourite Notes: Vanilla, Sandalwood, Apple

What makes you feel ALIVE? Every woman has her own answer. Inspired by living life to the fullest and finding your own way, BOSS ALIVE from HUGO BOSS empowers women on their path to success. Contemporary and confident, blending soft and bold notes, the BOSS ALIVE perfume fragrance leaves a trail of positive energy. Sparkling apple and plum top notes exude optimism, while a powerful floral heart of jasmine sambac reveals radiant femininity. The contrasting base fuses woody notes with a magnetic vanilla absolute, bringing comfort and confidence. A golden ornament surrounds the glass bottle like a piece of jewellery, while the nude pink juice captures the light, reflecting the aspirational, life-affirming nature of ALIVE.

Calvin Klein Eternity Fresh

Our Favourite Notes: Pear, Bergamot, Black Currant

Free-spirited. Romantic. Eternal. A spirited floral fragrance, ETERNITY Eau Fresh evokes the rush of intimacy and connection. The perfume for her is a play of fruit, flower and warm elements of musk. Jasmine and peony are at the heart with pear and cassis top notes, anchored by a base of patchouli and amber. The fruits and florals lend playful optimism to the iconic ETERNITY fragrance. Inspired by a flower garden, the pink bottle and scent celebrate romance, spontaneity and the eternal.

Givenchy Irresistible

Our Favourite Notes: Sparkling Pear, Rose Essential, Musk

Irresistible Givenchy, a fragrance that definitely invites you to let go. A floral-woody and fruity fragrance that plays with the contrast between two opposite accords of luscious Rose and radiant Blond Wood. This effervescent Rose reflects the fragrance of a naturally irresistible woman with strong magnetic charm, so electrifying that we only want to follow her. She is radiant and draws you into a release dance with liberating vibes. An invitation to let go and reveal who you are. For her, life is a dance. #IRRESISTIBLEISYOU

Philosophy Grace Eau De Parfum

Our Favourite Notes: Bergamot, Musk

Amazing Grace, the beloved, iconic soft-floral that’s always appropriate, classic and elegant is also now available as an eau de parfum. It features a heightened concentration of bergamot, rounded out by soft muguet blossoms and musk so you can enjoy this best-selling fragrance even longer. Eau de parfum offers an extremely fine quality and high oil concentration that truly lasts.

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