Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her

Paco Rabanne Pure XS For Her

Pure XS for her is the latest addition to the Paco Rabanne family, a partner for the iconic Pure XS for men! Want to know more? Keep reading…

Pure XS for her… excess in its purest state. An erotic floral-oriental edition advertised by the brand new ambassador, American actress and model Emily Ratajkowski.

So let’s go back to the beginning! XS, Black XS

With the XS line, Paco Rabanne take provocation to the max. In 1993, XS paved the way, without taboo, celebrating sexual desire. A woody, male scent with intense sensuality, a bottle that transformed into a cigarette lighter. With Black XS in 2005 and then Black XS for her in 2007, the spirit of excess was alive!

Last year the new men’s edition, Pure XS. Paco Rabanne announced the return to sex and erotica. Pure fantasy made real, embodied by a devastatingly handsome heir. His most obvious talent: driving women crazy! The new feminine fragrance Pure XS for her is his alter ego, a tale of fantasy and desire.

The Fragrance

A wild, provocative floral oriental fragrance. Disarming allure, you can feel her sex appeal. Just a hint of nonchalance. Bold and beautiful. Tonnes of talent. As intoxicating as it is intriguing. Pure Xs for her captivates, accelerates and escalates the senses. The origin of obsession.

Created by Quentin Bisch, an impassioned and passionate perfumer at Givaudan. Inspired by one of his trips to Reunion Island, he came back to Paris obsessed with a heady, dazzling ylang-ylang. His goal: to bottle the essence of an orgasm, an explosion of the senses brought within reach of a distinctive Paco flair.

Ylang-ylang for the raw, the untamed, the erotic. Next up, hot vanilla and an intriguing popcorn burst. The Ylang-ylang unleashes its raw erotica into the heat of hot vanilla. Audaciously devastating, viciously liber-ating, popcorn that packs a punch. 24/7 addiction. Popped puffed corn, musk, and milkwood notes ignite the skin. Desire on fire!

The Advertising Campaign

The face and muse for the newest Paco Rabanne creation is Emily Ratajkowski.

Emily: “I was thrilled when Paco Rabanne asked me to be the face of their new fragrance. I was already a fan of their perfume, of Julien Dossena’s work, and the way the brand speaks – bold yet sexy. Since joining the family I’ve learned a lot about the history of the house. Paco Rabanne himself was ahead of his time, creating dresses that made women feel strong and liberated. A true visionary.”

After Lady Million and Pure XS, the Swedish director Johan Renck collaborated for the third time with Paco Rabanne. “The film remains ironic as it stages a fantasy quest for the object of their desires. For some, a challenge. For others, a delicious game for she who remains mistress of the game and as Emily says “just wants to go to sleep…”.

The Bottle

A sculptural glass bottle. Bold edges for a confident allure. Untamed curves. Desire-on-fire. Encircled in a serpentine embrace. Chiselled scales, rippling reflections. The bijou signature twist. On the glass, shades of pink from dusk to sunset. A bottle that loves excess. Pure, pro-vocative beauty. Desire incarnate.

Back To Uni Essentials!

Back To Uni Essentials!

Let’s face it, uni plays havoc on our lifestyles and our skin, thanks to late nights, be it through studying or partying hard, and long days. All this can leave you feeling a little stressed, both outside and in.

What to do? Pack your bag with a few essentials to get you through your semester. To help you out, we’ve collated our firm favourites perfect for any beauty-loving student. And let’s not forget, you get an extra 10% student discount off all products here at FD too, so you can get shopping guilt free.

Hair heroes

Need we say it, you’ll need a good shampoo and conditioner to keep that mane in top condition, especially if extra nights out mean more styling. But there are a few other fast fixes to help you maintain lovely locks.

If you’re rushing to a lecture early doors, and there’s no time for a long shower, freshen up with a good dry shampoo, like COLAB’s Volume Dry Shampoo London. And before you start going crazy with those heated styling tools, be sure to douse on some heat defence. We especially like Derma V10 Sexy Messy Hair Heat Defence Spray.

Makeup to wake up to

Bags under the eyes and a general look of fatigue isn’t what you had in mind for those uni photos, let alone seeing that in your reflection each morning. The good news is that you don’t need a whole bag of tricks to turn it around. A few well-chosen products will work wonders.

Make sure to get a high coverage concealer, like Rimmel’s fatigue-busting Match Perfection Concealer. For blemishes, we love Technic’s Tea Tree Oil Concealer with its added spot fighting action. A palette will go a long way to solving all your makeup look, day and night, and it will keep your case more compact. Check out Marco By Design’s Large Eyeshadow Palette for starters.

Go for glow

One of our favourite cheats for glowing skin is achieved with a primer. Add it after your moisturiser and under your foundation, BB cream or concealer, and youƒ??ll have a smoother, more luminous skin tone to work with.

Try something like W7’s Prime Magic Anti Fatigue Brightening Face Primer if your skin needs a bit of rebalancing too. To up your glow game even further, add a highlighter to your makeup kit and work it into the parts of your face where the light hits, after your foundation and concealer. Sleek Barekissed Illuminator is just one lovely product that will make you look sun-kissed and fresh.

Soothing skin treats

Rule number 1: always take your makeup off fully at the end of the day. Doing it properly with a cleanser, toner and moisturiser suitable for your skin type will help you care for your skin, even after long days and nights in full makeup. It’s also worth stocking up on some soothing skin products to help replenish and revive tired complexions. Derma V10’s Clay Mask Detoxifying Tube will help you rebalance. And for blemish-prone skin, opt for clever products like Dermalogica’s Clear Start Breakout Overnight Treatment.

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night

Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal By Night

The newest fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier is here! Scandal By Night!

Scandal was free spirited.

Shape and style

Now, with Scandal By Night our spirits will be unchained!

Now, with Scandal By Night our spirits will be unchained!
Welcome to Jean Paul Gaultierƒ??s night of the shameless and the brazen, that reprobate of Pigalle, where the night masks a thousand sins and where the purple neon lights are the colour of temptation!

“Where and with whom are we going to have fun with tonight?”

Where? In Pigalle!

With whom? With the Jean Paul Gaultier gang!

A very intense version of Scandal! The bottle expresses this perfectly! The bottom of the bottle is a more intense burgundy, as though caught in the neon lights of a Parisian night. It’s as if the bottles were blushing! The juice itself takes it up a notch. An even more addictive blend, with key notes of Tuberose, Honey, Sandalwood and Tonka Beans. We see it gleaming through, like a call to party!


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An emphatically captivating fragrance from JOOP! Fragrance house

Enchanting, seductive and alluring are just some of the attributes synonymous with femme fatales throughout time. Such qualities epitomize JOOP’s latest feminine fragrance to embody and incite a confident and liberated state of mind. Following the success of the male edition, WOW! is launching its new female interpretation as it upholds the sophistication of an exclusively shared DNA. JOOP! WOW! WOMAN is an irresistible companion that empowers women. A fragrance that is chic and refined, JOOP! WOW! WOMAN is the new scent to unveil a woman’s true femme fatale.

JOOP! WOW!, the Woman
Embrace your hypnotic charms

The WOW! Woman is a modern woman who is in control of her own destiny. Her chosen fragrance is her signature and reveals her feminine power. The WOW! woman possesses an authentic and emancipated self-confidence paired with an independence from other people’s expectations. Inspiring the irresistibility of the femme fatale, the WOW! Woman creates that certain magic to embolden her passion and sophisticated temperament. The WOW! Woman embodies true femininity. Seductive, hypnotic, and easily recognizable, she leaves an unforgettable and alluring trail of captivating attraction.

JOOP! WOW! WOMAN, the Fragrance
The scent that reveals the woman

JOOP!, a brand renowned for its unique and eccentric elegance, appointed acclaimed perfumer Fabrice Pellegrin to create a distinctive, unexpected and bold fragrance. With a powerful and hypnotic signature, WOW! WOMAN is crafted using fine raw materials of captivating flowers and a rich and sensual white musk to shape a powerful fragrance with character and seduction. ‘Deep red ingredients’, Fabrice explains, ‘could only embody the Femme Fatale power of seduction.’ Therefore, he skilfully combined the hypnotic strength of rose infusion with sparkling and juicy facets of wild raspberry to compose the dangerous elixir, part of the floral chypre family. The duo of red rose absolute and peony creates a captivating floral heart as the green and airy notes merge with spicy and voluptuous facets. The fragrance reveals all its richness and warmth with cetalox, providing elegant amber notes, and patchouli, in a mysterious blend of woody, balsamic and leathery nuances. White musk sensually wraps the composition as it is enriched with intense and powdery facets.

JOOP! WOW! WOMAN, the Bottle
Sleek and intriguing simplicity

A companion to JOOP! WOW! MAN, the female fragrance bottle complements her predecessor in shape yet it draws its distinctive style by the vibrancy of a deep burgundy with the audacity of an intriguing black metal cap. The attractive silhouette is seductively lacquered in burgundy to allude to the rich and dangerous elixir. Finally the bottle is emblazoned with gold lettering upon a black glossy label, to identify the distinctive brand synonymous with eccentric elegance, while introducing the new WOW! WOMAN.

JOOP! WOW! WOMAN the Campaign
The seductive art of moving pictures

A fascinating personality, who exhibits the versatility of the woman today, is the face of JOOP! WOW! WOMAN, Milla Jovovich. Acclaimed actress, model, musician, fashion designer and media personality, Milla’s career encompasses a multitude of accomplishments while staying true to her impeccable sense of elegance and femininity. As a brand ambassador for JOOP!, she exudes all the quintessential qualities of the modern woman who epitomises the captivating traits of the femme fatale, sublimely characterized in the campaign. Seated at the helm, is none other than acclaimed multi award winning French director Olivier Dahan who captures the refinement and seductive sophistication of the WOW! woman. Shot in hypnotic black and white, the film creates an enigmatic and metaphoric ambiance as it utilizes the allegorical image of the white panther. When Mila appears, she is the personification of the mystifying transformation, who like the panther, embodies intuitive strength, fascination and lethal attraction. Her fragrance is her metamorphosis into revealing her true femme fatale. The femme fatale that no man can resist!

The History of Calvin Klein

The History of Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is one of the most popular brands here at Fragrance Direct and it’s easy to see why. With iconic fragrances and brand new launches Calvin Klein offers some of the best scents around. But how much do we know about the legend that is Calvin Klein and the history of the brand that we all know and love’

The Man

Calvin Klein graduated from the High School of Industrial Arts in 1960 and started his fashion training at the Fashion Institute of Technology. His first job in Fashion was at WWD in the art department in 1961. He graduated in January 1963 from FIT with a Fine Arts degree and went on to get a job at a company specialising in making dresses. After 3 months, Klein asked for a $100 raise, when this was declined he quit.

After this he took on a role at a coat manufacturer Dan Millstein, working as a sketcher. Klein said, ‘I learned a lot, because it threw me into the snake pit.’ Millstein took Klein to the Paris haute couture shows, using Klein to copy the clothes they saw at the shows. Despite attending the Paris shows, Millstein was a volatile and difficult boss and Klein soon left.

Along with another of his colleagues from Millstein, Abe Morenstein, they decided to set up their own business. Morenstein worked out that they needed $25,000 to set up the business properly. They both tried and failed to raise the capital and after many attempts one of Klein’s childhood friends Barry Schwartz gave them $2,000, enough to make samples.

After creating a collection with Klein, Morenstein wanted to incorporate a company and become official partners. But Klein, then 25, had already incorporated a company, Calvin Klein Ltd, using Barry Schwartz as partner. Morenstein and Klein didn’t speak again for 24 years.

The Brand
Klein’s first stockist was by complete luck. Donald O’Brien, then vice president of Bonwit Tellerm was on his way to a different appointment when he saw one of Klein’s coats handing on his studio door and made an impromptu visit. O’Brien then invited Mildred Custin, who Klein called the ‘grand dame of the retail world’.

Custin made a sizeable order and doors continued to open after this. Soon Bergdorf Goodman and Saks placed orders, leaving Calvin Klein Ltd to gross a million dollars in its first year.

This success led Klein to hold his first fashion show in April 1970. It was deemed a huge success with WWD saying ‘In just 50 pieces, Calvin Klein joins Seventh Avenue’s biggest names as a designer to watch’.

In 1973, Calvin Klein won his first Coty American Fashion Critics award. And then won it again the year after. By 1975, revenues were at $17 million and Klein had been voted into the Coty Hall of Fame. At 33, he was the youngest designer to achieve this.

After designing clothing, Klein decided to branch out into fragrance. Klein decided to do something unheard of at the time and put up his own money to fund the fragrance.

The Fragrance

Although Klein’s first fragrance was a success, it wasn’t until he launched Obsession in 1985 that he became known for his fragrances. Klein said in a WWD feature in 1985 that Obsession was ‘the most important thing we’ve ever done’. He said that ‘The name Obsession is big, like a movie poster for this era, I think of everything I’ve ever done, how obsessed I was. Everyone is obsessed in the ’80s. and of course the name suggests an obsession with someone. A man obsessed with a woman.’ Spending $13 million on advertising, the largest amount they’d ever spent, meant the fragrance was an immediate success. And the rest is history…

Better Than Duty Free

Better Than Duty Free

Oh, we do love a summer scent! Maybe trekking through duty free in search of the latest fragrances and the best deals to boot is one big perk of your summer holiday. We know we’re guilty of spending way too much time in the airport’s duty-free aisles.

So, what if we told you that whether you have a holiday planned or not, you can get hold of delicious fragrances with better than duty-free prices? Music to your ears, right? Here are just some of FD’s favourites both old and new with lovely prices to match.

For the girls

There are more than a few ways to spice up summer when it comes to selecting the right scent. Always remember that the heat turns up the power of any fragrance. That means it’s worth working with the less is more theory when spritzing your favourite on. Summer is also the perfect time to bring out the fruity, floral and exotic fragrances. If we had to pick just two, these are the ones we’d add to our collection.

Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle
You’d be hard-pressed to part us from our beloved Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Twinkle. Firstly, we adore everything in the Daisy range. Secondly, it evokes all those dreamy elements of summer.
Inspired by sun and sea, this beautiful scent bottles the essence of warm summer days. Fruity, creamy and with a woody, musky hint, it feels both sexy, chic, and sublime.

Nina Ricci L’Air du Temps Eau Florale EDT Spray
Our ideal summer would be filled with long, lazy, sun-drenched afternoons, with all the scents and sounds of a lush, green garden around us. Nina Ricci manages to capture all these notes in her irresistible L’Air du Temps Eau Florale EDT Spray.
This limited-edition perfume is as feminine as the original, and light enough for those warmer months. But it’s the floral notes of honeysuckle and peony blended with alluring wood violet that really make it for us.

For the boys

Just like women, men should always opt for a lighter fragrance for the summer. It’s also a great time to play with some different notes to really make the most of the season. By going for something that’s clean with a crisp hit, you’ll be well on your way to feeling and smelling delectable.

BOSS Orange Man Feel Good Summer Eau de Toilette Spray
The name says it all! Yes, the BOSS Orange Man Feel Good Summer Eau de Toilette Spray has summer vibes written all over it. It’s been one of our favourites for a few years, and here’s why.
This energy-boosting scent is crisp and sparkling, with a fruity, spicy appeal. Apple, Szechuan pepper, vanilla bean and Bubinga wood are all in there giving you a balanced, masculine fragrance.

Calvin Klein Eternity Air For Men Eau De Toilette
We’re enraptured with the new twist Calvin Klein have put on Eternity for Men. Yes, Eternity has been a firm fixture for men and women since the 1980’s, but everything about this new aftershave is hot-right-now.
Capturing the breezy elements of blue, summer skies, Eternity Air For Men is just the right kind of evocative, sparkling scent for us. It’s also utterly romantic. Just what you need during these wistfully long days.