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Aftershave as an important antiseptic

Author: Kate May 26th, 2009

Unfortunately for men, if they want a clean cut look they have to shave regularly. If this is not once a day, then it will probably be several times a week.

Every fashion conscious man will have a daily face ritual where they will shave and moisturise their face, then dab on some aftershave to finish.

Aftershave was originally created as a calming balm to relieve men’s skin from any chaffing after shaving, so it is important for the aftershave you use to have a good natural chemical balance with your skin.

The original aftershaves that were created were made from witch hazel and this is still the case today as most designer aftershaves are made with a base of witch hazel.

It is not uncommon for a man to cut himself whilst he is shaving and some of the cuts may not be visible to the human eye. However, witch hazel will work on a man’s skin much like an antiseptic, which works to speed up the healing process.

Adding an aftershave during his shaving routine will also ensure that a man’s (often larger) skin pores are closed up quickly to stop an infection or blocking of the pores.

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