The Best Tinted Moisturisers

The Best Tinted Moisturisers

While the weather is warmer letting your skin breathe is important, look for different options to give you the best coverage without being cakey. Throughout the summer changing to a tinted moisturiser can be beneficial due to containing more moisturising agents and generally offering a lighter coverage and more movement, many of them also include SPF which has so many health benefits.

One recommendation is from the amazing brand Nuxe, their Teint Eclat Prodigieux Tinted Moisturising Crème this is a silky non-oily tinted moisturiser with mineral pigments, Frangipane Blossom and Hyaluronic Acid immediately gives skin a healthy glow. It gives an even skin tones while hydrating and protects the skin against premature ageing. This is a good tinted moisturiser to blend into your natural complexion.

Our next favourite is the Balance Me’s Tinted Wonder Eye Cream which contains a cocktail of soothing and hydrating ingredients. In included witch hazel which as we know tightens the skin while reducing inflammation and mica provides a light reflecting tint. This cream will use hyaluronic acid to plump the area and give maximum hydration because it holds up to 1,000 times its own weight in water.

We must talk about the Dermalogica Sheer Tint which comes in a light, medium or dark and is SPF 20. This is a lightly tinted hydrating treatment that provides an all-day sheer cover of colour with no artificial fragrance and colours so perfect for all skin types. It included light-diffusing iron oxides that provide a translucent coverage for radiant skin while it will shield you from damaging UV rays.

The Festival Edit

The Festival Edit

Its officially here – festival season! Whatever festival you are attending you want to feel your best if you’re look is totally extra or you’re keeping it minimal in your doc martins. We are here to help you complete the look with the perfect tan, make -up, hair and finishing accessories. Here is your very own check list!

The St Moriz Professional Tanning Mousse is brilliant at giving you enough colour without being orange. We recommend you use a mitt when applying, the Sosu Luxury Velvet Tanning Mitt is a great buy because it makes self-tanning easier getting the trickier areas. You will need to allow time for the tan to develop so we would recommend you apply evenly the evening before then rinse away any access that may be causing streaks. This will leave you with a natural, golden looking tan perfect for a festival!

Your hair can be the hard one because as you know in Britain there is no predicting the weather, so if you are attending a day festival a good hairspray is key for holding your style. The recommended Schwarzkopf Silhouette Super Hold Hairspray gives you a super hold without burdening the hair. If you are attending a camping festival, dry shampoo is a necessity so be sure to take a trusty Charles Worthington Style Setter Dry Shampoo that will prolong your hairs appearance with body and texture. Perfect for camping as no water is needed.

The C.A.K.E Cosmetics Sheer Glow Highlighter is an easy to apply highlight for your face or if you want to enhance your colour bones. This product is a strong highlighter with a high pigment perfect for a festival ready glow.

If you are wanting to add a little sparkle, we would recommend chunkier glitter instead of fine glitter because it gives you a better effect. The Prima Makeup Chameleon Collection Glitter Paste is singular pieces of glitter that you can apply around your eye or in the areas you want it. This product comes 8 colours to choose from, we love the prosecco princess.

Lastly if you want the full effect look check out our face jewels selection these stick on face gems are easy to apply stickers that are perfect for adding detail and giving you an exaggerated festival vibe! We particularly love the Prima Makeup Body Gem Crystal which has holographic coloured gems in a variety of shapes and the Makeup Ariel Face Gem which have an intricate design which sits across your forehead.

Wedding Makeup Inspiration

Wedding Makeup Inspiration

This time of year, often brings a surge of wedding invitations through the letterbox. As it is such as exciting occasion it often comes with the added stress of what to wear. For a wedding we often try to be the most sophisticated version of ourselves and today we have pulled together all the greatest make up looks perfect for attending someone’s special day.

The first look is the ‘au natural’ this is inspired by the current trend ‘no makeup, make up’ look. You want to keep your foundation shade a complete match to your complexion or work a concealer into the skin with only a touch of bronzer on the cheekbones. Your eyebrow should be sculpted framing your face, completed with a fluffy eyelash. For your lip use a neutral tone with a balm to give you a healthy plump look.

Product tip: The Guerlain Ecrin Sourcils Eye Brow Kit – Comes with three powders, a highlight and a double applicator. The highlight for under your brow will give you that light but the little brushes are good for giving you the shape and creating a sharper edge.

Our second look is the ‘Sophisticated Sparkle’, this is a hint of silvery shimmer to your eye lids complete with mascara. Using a blusher brush dust lightly a pink tone onto the cheeks to highlight your smile with a light touch of highlighter on your cheek bone. This will give you a summery glow perfect for fairer complexions.

Product Tip: The Rimmel Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush in Pink Rose is a soft textured blush that will applying evenly to your face giving you a natural sheer finish.

Our next inspiration that we really love would be the ‘Cat Eye’, this is a timeless to go look that is easy to create with the right eyeliner and brush. Your eyeliner should follow the shape of lid and add a flick on the end elongating the shape of your eye. This look compliments any complexion you are just remembered to keep your eye bows light and fluffy – nothing to heavy.

Our next look would be a ‘golden goddess’ vibe, using your cat eyeliner skills from the previous inspiration work a line onto your eye to give definition. Some people like to use a foundation a shade darker than your normal complexion to give you a sun kissed look, nothing too drastic if you are already glowing don’t over do it. For this look a dewy complexion works well, using a bronzer add shape to your face and highlighter to give you a glow on areas such as your cupids bow. Finishing off the look use a nude pink undertone on the lip, don’t go to dark with a brown undertone as this is a glowy look.

The ‘Smoked Eye’ is a look we often fall back on, but for a wedding we don’t want anything to dark or over powering. Work a gold shimmer onto the lid to brighten up your face but continue to work the smokey shade under your eye giving you that warmth. Due to your eyes being centre of attention keep everything else fairly neutral.

Product tip: The Daniel Sandler Beyond Sunset Eye Shadow Palette comes with four shades and will allow you to complete all these looks. Complete with a pigmented silver and gold shade it also has a warmer matte beige and brown to blend with.

The ‘Peach Glow’ is a stunning look, use a foundation that is going to give yourself a dewy complexion, giving you a fresh-faced appearance. With a natural and eye and brow, use a peach blush to subtly give you definition. Then to finish the look use a gorgeous peach, pink lipstick to pull the look together with a gloss over the top.

Product Tip: Bourjois Rouge Laque Shiny Finish Lipstick in Self peach. This is a bright shade of peach if you are wanting a intense look, it is a long-lasting product with a glossy formula which will flawlessly apply to your lip, with this product it is a wand applicator so there is no need for a lip liner.

If you don’t feel peach is your colour opt for the ‘Copper Queen’ and using a bronzey, copper shade work it into your crease. This look works well with a matte complexion, so working your powder into your T-zone to take away any shine then work your bronzer into your cheekbones. A glossy lip again will add a warm glamour to complete your look.

Lastly this iconic look is often reworked for night or day, ‘Iconic Red’ is a look relies on a matte flawless complexion, no harsh contouring or bright coloured eye tones. Keeping everything neutral on your face then using a red lipliner outliner perfectly outline your lips and fill in with a bright red lipstick. Anything to dark with purple undertones is more appropriate for an evening do, you want to keep it bright and uplifting – nothing to seductive.

Dermalogica: Age Bright Clearing

Dermalogica: Age Bright Clearing

Introducing the new Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader from Dermalogica! We caught up with Dermalogica’s Education Executive Victoria Schofield to find out more.

Tackling adult breakouts
When it comes to treating breakouts in adulthood, you need grown up formulas that not only tackle congested pores and breakout causing bacteria but also address signs of premature ageing including dehydration and pigmentation marks. Age Bright Clearing Serum and Age Bright Spot Fader get together with some Dermalogica breakout fighting favourites to complete the new Active Clearing line designed to clear breakouts and visible signs of premature skin ageing.

Dermalogica Age Bright Clearing Serum
The new Age Bright Clearing Serum is an active, highly concentred serum designed to clear breakouts and brighten skin tone. Salicylic Acid accelerates cell turn over, a process that slows down with age and causes congestion in the pores, this helps clear breakouts and reduce the signs of ageing. It contains our Age Bright Complex that works with your skins natural microbiome for clearer skin and it features phytoactives from the Resurrection Plant for hydration. It also contains Niacinamide and White Shitake Mushroom to promote brighter more even skin tone.

Age Bright Spot Fader
The new Age Bright Spot Fader is a 2-in1 brightening spot treatment that helps reduce the appearance of active breakouts and the marks they leave behind. Along with the Age Bright Complex it also features Niacinamide and Hexyl Resorcinol to fade post breakout marks improving uneven skin tone.

The full Active Clearing line is great for those with persistent oily, breakout prone skin and these 2 new additions are perfect for any skin condition suffering with localised breakouts and the marks they leave behind.

If you fancy testing your own knowledge on breakouts, try our quiz at to see how much you really know and get more education on how best to treat your breakouts.

Festival Fashion 2019: Top Trends

Festival Fashion 2019: Top Trends

Festival fashion is all about outfits that are fun and full of personality. Step out of your comfort zone this summer and take the opportunity to experiment with your style, going over the top with clashing colours, fringing and, of course, glitter. We’ve work with multi-award winning independent retailer, Jules B, who have rounded up their favourite fashion trends for this year’s festival season, so you can look the part on the fields in rain or shine.

A key trend for SS19, neon is set to be a popular choice this festival season. Fluorescent hues of yellow, orange, pink and lime are here to stay this summer, whether you opt for an on-trend pair of neon cycling shorts or incorporate these bold colours into your outfits through statement accessories. These stand out shades are perfect for festival season and have a real 80s feel to them, which we love. If you’re looking to stay practical but inject a pop of colour into your ensemble, invest in neon staple pieces such as t-shirts or knitwear, which you can easily team with your go-to jeans or shorts.

Tie-dye is one of the biggest print trends for 2019 and this vibrant look is sure to get you in the mood for festival season. The resurgence of this cool retro print has been spotted everywhere from catwalks to Coachella, with plenty of styles to choose from. Expect a more polished, contemporary version of the classic hippy style, but be ready to embrace psychedelic tees and cool pastel colours all the same.

Bardot tops and dresses

The bardot neckline is undoubtedly a key style for summer this year, and ever since we saw Kendall Jenner looking effortlessly chic in a bardot dress at Coachella, we’re sold on it as a festival staple. A cool bardot midi dress can easily be styled with trainers or wellies depending on the weather, and an off-the-shoulder top is a wonderfully floaty and feminine option to team with jeans, shorts and skirts.

Chunky shoes
You’ll no doubt be doing a lot of walking, dancing and jumping around at your next festival, so you’ll be relieved to hear that one of this year’s biggest trends will ensure you stay comfortable all day and night. Chunky footwear is a big hit for 2019, with sporty sandals, in particular, being a popular choice. If sandals won’t be weather-appropriate enough, though, we’re also loving chunky trainers and boots. The ‘ugly shoe’ trend isn’t going anywhere.

Retro accessories
For even more nostalgic style, look to this season’s hottest retro accessories: sporty sunglasses and bucket hats. Championed on the runways and by all your favourite celebrities, sports sunglasses are sure to be a key piece at summer festivals and are perfect for completing retro looks, blending functionality and style with their streamlined shapes. Bucket hats are also back again for 2019 as we embrace this classic 90s streetwear style, which will keep you looking chic and shield your eyes from the sun, too.

Colourful cagoules

It’s vital for festival-goers to consider practicality when choosing their wardrobe for the weekend, which is why vibrant raincoats are another key trend. Staying dry in a lightweight pac-a-mac might not sound the most fashion-forward, but with a range of cool and colourful styles out there, you really can combat the weather in style. Remember, your jacket will have to cover your outfit if it starts to rain, so make it a considered part of your ensemble by investing in a bold, brightly coloured design.

So now your ready to go out into the summer of festivities with the most up to date fashion tips. Wherever you are this summer, come rain or shine, make sure you stay UV protected.