Bronzers – The Holy Grail Makeup Item

Bronzers – The Holy Grail Makeup Item

Every girl knows how much of a key player bronzer is to their makeup bag. Whether you rely on it for adding some colour to your complexion or sculpting your face, a good bronzer that is perfectly matched to your skin works wonders. Today we are looking at 3 reasons why we LOVE bronzer here at fragrance direct and how we use it;

When buying yourself a bronzer you want one that is 1/2 shades darker than our natural skin tone. This will help give your winter skin a much-needed sun kissed healthy glow. When applying bronzer, you want to work in the number 3 motion, working your way from your forehead, around your eye to your cheek then round your mouth to your chin, this will emphasis your cheek bones and give shape to your face. When trying to find the perfect match if you have a paler complexion, we would suggest a shear coppery colour that has peachy undertones. We want to stay clear of any shades of orange as we all know that is not a good look. If you have medium to olive tones in your skin, then you want to be looking a chocolatey matte bronzer that will bring a warmth to your face. If you have a darker tone don’t look for one too much darker than your natural complexion. You want it to have blue undertones to emphasis your shape and add some definition.

Another reason bronzer has rightly earned its position amongst our make up bag heroes is due to it being a fabulous eye eyeshadow colour. Whether you use it to add a little warmth to a simple everyday look or as a neutral base for a heavier eye bronzer is a fabulous way to draw subtle emphasis to your look. With an eyeshadow brush, in circular motions work the bronzer into your crease, blending out the edges so you don’t leave any harsh lines.

Bronzer is not only used for the details it is used to blend everything in. Often when applying makeup, we can get build ups in areas which cause things we refer to as ‘lines. This can often happen around our ears and jawline so using your bronzer you can work the make up into our neck. This means there is no change in tones, and uneven matches. Brushes, when applying makeup can make an invaluable difference to the application so make sure you are not using a brush which will cover the entire surface area of your cheeks. Here are 3 recommendations from Fragrance direct from a high, medium and low-price budget;

The first is the popular W7 Life’s a Beach Matte Bronzing Powder in the Beach Please shade this gives you that sun kissed glow while sculpting your face in the areas you want. When applying this bronzer, use a fluffy brush and knock off all the excess before applying.

Our next choice would be the Mii Bronzing Face Finish for its velvet finish. This ultra-refined mineralized powder gives you a super smooth, sheer, natural glow and sweeps easily across your skin.

Then the Collistar Silk Effect Bronzing Powder in Bora Bora shade 8 gives you that subtle everyday sunned look. With its ultra-light and easy to apply formula it gives you that gorgeous healthy glow with a silky texture.

If you’re looking for a bronzer that you can use to blend your neck, shoulder and body into then the Daniel Sandler Billion Dollar Body shimmer is one will enhance all your targeted areas such as your collarbones. This is an easy to use, quick fix solution for those summer nights you haven’t pre tanned for.

Best Of The Spring Sale

Best Of The Spring Sale

If you haven’t already had a look at our spring sale, then our question would be why?! This spring some of your favourite brands have huge savings! Whether you are looking for a lighter alternative for summer or just a change for the season there is something for everyone. Here we have pulled out some exciting products that you need to get your hands on!

Let’s start with fragrances, the women’s category has some great scents such as Vera Wang Eau de Parfum. Originally launched in 2002, this classic opens with a mandarin and blossom note giving it a fruity blend which would be perfect for day or night.

Lastly for our women’s fragrance category it would be one from the iconic YSL Black Opium family; Intense. This scent has top notes of anise, jasmine sambac absolute for heart notes and a coffee accord for base notes giving it a seductive fullness perfect for your evening events.

If you have had a look at the sale you will have seen the great variety of giftsets; one favourite especially for this time of year is the CK one set. It comes as a great package including, body lotion, hair wash, with the 200ml and a mini EDT. The CK One scent is a fresh, fruity fragrance with essences of orange, lemon and jasmine and can be the perfect choice for both men or women.

Another recommendation if you have any birthdays coming up would be the new Gucci Guilty EDP Gift Set in its reinvented iconic packaging. This launch has been massively popular with top notes of Mandora, heart notes of Lilac and base notes of Patchouli giving the scent a floral richness so this is defiantly a gift set we had to talk about.

Moving on to Men’s if we were to name a few of the best buys we would start by talking about Calvin Klein Euphoria. This spray is an addictive, fresh, oriental scent with a ginger pepper cocktail and cedar leaf. This is a popular scent for aftershave or brand enthusiasts.

Next, we have the classic Dolce & Gabbana Pour Homme EDT. This light, fruity scent is perfect for spring with notes of Sage, citruses and bergamot.
If you are buying for yourself or someone else the Boss Bottle Man of Today is a great one for every day or evening. The edition is part of BOSS bottled collection meaning it is a masculine scent, made from notes of apple, geranium and sensual, woody notes.

If you were thinking you needed to restock some of your skincare essentials this would be the perfect opportunity to do so. The sale includes some great products such as the Clinique Clarifying Lotion. This cleanser is perfect for dry skin removing any dead skin cells leaving your skin looking smoother and feeling cool and refreshed, great for before bed or prior makeup.

Ren Clean Skincare Rose O12 Moisture Defence oil is another great product, as you know oil’s work more effectively that moisturisers to throughout the changing seasons this is perfect for keeping your skin its most radiant condition.

If you know about American Crew already, we know you will be happy to know that their products are currently discounted on our website. Their men’s products are full of natural cleansing wheat protein which is added for strength and shine and meaning they are great for everyday use.

Lastly, we delved into make up to have a look at some of the best recommendations for you, one to look at would be the Technic summertime summer glow pressed pigment palette. This is a lovely palette which includes shimmery neutral tones of orange and pinks. The product itself applies evenly to the selected area’s making it super easy to use and would pair perfectly with a neutral lip, so you could pick up the W7 kiss lipstick in naughty nude to complete your summer look.

There’s tons of discounts to get your hands on so make sure you check out the sale category!

How To Make Hair Grow Faster

How To Make Hair Grow Faster

From Rapunzel to Sofia Vergara – long hair has always been in style. But if you once decided to take the plunge and get a pixie cut, or you’ve been rocking the mid-length look for what feels like a lifetime, you might feel like long, luscious hair is a distant dream.

Well, if we want to get into the science side of it. Your hair grows by about a half-inch per month on average. This adds up to six inches of growth per year, but can vary according to age, hair type and your overall health. Six inches is actually a lot more than you might think – so long hair is not out of your grasp!

However, if you can’t wait that long for your princess hair, there are certain products, vitamins and tablets you can use to stimulate hair growth and help you get longer hair even faster.

1. Hair Growth Hair Care Products

Unfortunately, there’s no magic product that will help your hair grow inches overnight. You should keep your hair in tip-top condition to help it grow faster, which means keeping it moisturised, getting it trimmed regularly and cutting down on heat styling as much as possible.

The type of shampoo and conditioner you choose can influence the health of your hair, and therefore the speed of its growth. We’ve picked out some of the best products you can use in your day-to-day styling to help your hair grow as fast as possible. It’s perfect for both those looking to grow their hair long or those who have thin hair and want to get it looking more voluminous.

Watermans Grow Me Shampoo
This shampoo has been specifically created for those who want thick and strong hair, and can help you grow your hair faster than ever before! It revitalises hair growth by strengthening hair follicles and improves scalp circulation, increases hair density and repairs scalp damage.

Watermans Condition Me Conditioner
This conditioner softens and moisturises hair, whilst helping to protect, repair and revitalise. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the Watermans Shampoo and is one of our best-selling products!

Natural World Brazilian Keratin Shampoo
This shampoo is infused with intelligent bio-mimetic keratin, which mimics the proteins found in your hairs natural composition and provides targeted repair for your hair’s most damaged areas. This helps to stimulate growth and leaves you with dazzling softness and shine.

Tigi Bed Head Urban Antidotes Resurrection Twin
Both products in this twin set are designed to help all hair types become the best they can be. When used together, expect soft, shiny, bouncy hair and increased speed of growth!

2. Hair Growth Oil and Masks
Once you have your day-to-day styling down, to keep your hair in tip-top condition you also need to treat it to a hair growth oil or mask treatment at least once and week.

This will prevent the hair from breaking and protect it against any kind of environmental factors that might slow down growth.

Foltene Treatment for Hair and Scalp
Foltene Treatment for Hair and Scalp has been created with a special combination of stimulating nutrients, vitamins and natural extracts to help provide you with the best treatment for strong and healthy hair. The formula gentle and natural, and helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair from early ageing.

Label M Therapy Age Defying Recovery Mask
This mask will leave your hair looking strong, radiant and youthful. It restores, replenishes and rejuvenates your hair and helps hair growth if used regularly – just let the Rejuven-8 complex work it’s magic!

Natural World Macadamia Oil Nourishing Treatment Oil
Hair oil is the best treatment for you if you have dry, brittle hair that you want to grow as quickly as possible. Enriched with macadamia oil, this treatment is easily absorbed and will help to prevent breakage while nourishing the hair.

3. Hair Growth Vitamins & Supplements
It’s not just what you put on your hair that helps your hair grow faster, there are several vitamins and supplements that can help with hair growth.

Vitamin A, B- Vitamins, Iron, Zinc and Protein are all important factors in hair growth. You can get these from your diet, but sometimes you might need a little helping hand from multivitamins and supplements.

Nature’s Answer Vitamin B-12 Liquid Supplement
This B-12 supplement has a range of health benefits as it enhances delivery of nutrients to the body. This can help with long term hair growth.

JR Beauty Protein Styling Gel
This styling gel is infused with protein, so it not only keeps your hair in perfect shape, it also gives it some additional protein that can help with growth. This gel works best on very curly hair, and keeps it looking and feeling healthy.

Neocell Super Collagen +C
The collagen we produce naturally has a huge effect on the condition of our skin, nails, and hair. As we age, the amount of collagen we produce decreases. These tablets help with the intake of collagen and can therefore lead to stronger and longer hair.

4. Foods that Help Hair Growth
You might be use all the right products and looking after your hair perfectly, but your hair may still struggle to grow if your diet is not right. There are certain foods which contain the right nutrients, proteins and beneficial compounds for fast-growing hair:

• Eggs – packed with protein and biotin
• Fatty Fish – excellent sources of omega-3 fatty acids
• Avocados – vitamin E
• Nuts – vitamin E
• Berries – beneficial compounds and vitamins

If you look after your hair, get your split ends trimmed regularly, eat a healthy and balanced diet and use the right kind of hair products, you should have hair that’s past your shoulders in no time! In the meantime, check out some cute and stylish heat-free hairstyles to help stay away from those straighteners, or find out what oils will work best for your hair if it needs a little extra TLC.

Get To Know The Brand: Fudge!

Get To Know The Brand: Fudge!

Energetic, individual and effortless, Fudge Professional is creative to the core, ideal for creating looks that break away from the norm. Loved by professionals and hair addicts alike, the cult formulas take their cues from years of experience in the industry. With ranges available that have been specifically designed for all hair types, Fudge has everything you need from every day hair care to treatments and styling products, whatever the colour or style of your hair.

Care to be different

Fudge’s Care range has been designed with your hair’s every day individual needs in mind. With 5 different Shampoo and Conditioner duos available, created to suit different hair types, the choice is yours. So, whether you’re looking to repair damaged hair, strengthen brittle hair, add volume, illuminate your colour or balance out unwanted tones in your hair, you’ll be left with a salon-worthy finish after every wash.

All the Care products contain Opti-PLEX™ technology, an innovative bond-building complex which repairs the hair’s natural protective shield from within, regenerating and smoothing our each and every strand of hair. Not only that, but the 24 hour FragranceFuse™ means each individual strand of hair will be enveloped in a fragrance infusion that will last at least 24 hours, so your hair will smell amazing for even longer.

One of Fudge’s bestselling Care products is Clean Blonde Shampoo, which restores vibrancy by targeting those unwanted brassy tones, whilst cleansing and refreshing the hair from root to tip. Another bestseller is Fudge’s Luminizer Conditioner, a deeply replenishing formula developed for dry, unruly locks in need of moisture which works to combat frizz and flyaways whilst reviving radiance for a super glossy finish.

Hair Styling

Create, Don’t Imitate! Styling is where Fudge Professional’s heritage lies. A diverse range of cult classics that have been crafted for all hair types enabling you to mould, shape, hold and define.

One of Fudge’s bestselling styling products, Matte Hed, is a premium styling clay designed to give texture and definition to all hair types. It adds volume whilst smoothing cuticles and delivering control to the hair, and with a hold factor of 13, this strong hold texturizing paste is great for long lasting matte styles. If textured, beachy hair is what you’re looking to achieve, Fudge’s Sea Salt Spray contains hard setting polymers which give a crisp finish, providing a raw texture look. The spray also contains Pro Vitamin B, which strengthens and conditions the hair whilst leaving a delicious Coconut and Mango fragrance!

Experience for yourself the cult formulas loved by professionals and hair addicts alike – shop the Fudge range at Fragrance Direct today.

Round Up Of March – Our Favourite Fragrances!

Round Up Of March – Our Favourite Fragrances!

2019 really is flying by! How is it that we are in April already? Here at Fragrance Direct it is safe to say are ecstatic the clocks have gone forward, let summer commence! But before we do that, we wanted to make sure you knew about all the fabulous new launches that we saw this March.

The first launch we must talk about is the Narciso Rodriguez Pure Musc For Her which is the purest version yet with an addictive and sensual scent. This perfume has been an extremely popular launch with its sleek black and white design and notes of cashmeran, amber and patchouli.

The next launch for March is from Rochas Mademoiselle, Rochas Couture. This feminine EDT spray is a combination of spicy notes of pink pepper, bergamot and Tonka Bean which gives off an incredibly couture signature scent. This perfume feels like a real treat every time you spray!

The next is the exciting Armani Si Fiori which comes from the Italian word for flowers. This spring scent has top notes of mandarin, heart notes of Chypre Neroli Accord and base notes of vanilla in the classic Si bottle with a touch of pink. This perfume would make a lovely gift for any birthdays coming up!

The YSL Mon Paris Floral is the latest addition to the family of Mon Paris. This sensuous scent is a floral and feminine juice which builds on the signature iconic datura flower bouquet. The iconic bottle would be the perfect addition to anyone’s dressing table and is a great scent for any occasion.

The Lancome La Nuit Tresor Musc Diamant which we saw launch this month has a floriental composition with top notes of freesia, heart notes of Vanilla and base notes of Musk. This juice in its iconic bottle with its design reflecting the new name would definitely be one to try.

Another great launch we must talk about is the Unisex CK One Summer which we saw this March is an aromatic fragrance for both men and women. It features a top note combination of citrus and kiwi with a botanical heart of blueberry lead and cactus drying down to sultry musk base notes leaving you with an earthy finish. This fruity blend is great for a spritz day or night this summer.

Lastly, we have the very exciting launch of the men’s and women’s DSquared2 Wood which at Fragrance Direct we love! The women’s one has notes of Sicilian mandarin, heart notes of jasmine and base notes of Ambrox which gives you a really floral- woody, sophisticated scent. The men’s scent is a distinctive and masculine fragrance with top notes of Sicilian lemon, Cardamom and base notes of vetiver which leaves you with a great juice. Both launches have a current design with magnet lids as a nice feature.

As you can see lots of great launches for March 2019. We hope this helped if you are in need of any perfume inspiration when you are buying for you or someone else!