The Best Fragrances For The Gym

The Best Fragrances For The Gym

When it comes to the gym, our feelings are mixed. Sure, the rush of endorphins makes us feel amazing; we love the way our skin glows after a long session, and the feeling we get in our muscles the day after an intense class, but there are some things about hitting the gym that we just can’t get on board with.

If, like us, you want to really get the most of your visits to the gym, there are a few steps you can take to make the experience altogether more pleasant.

Firstly, gym-proof your makeup by using water-resistant products to avoid sweaty smudges. We recommend choosing lighter products, like Clinique’s gorgeous Age Defense CC Crème, which will help you feel good without overdoing it.

While wearing make-up in the gym isn’t necessarily for everyone, making sure you don’t smell too bad during your workout is essential (and courteous to your fellow gym-goers!). We love all things scent here at Fragrance Direct, and we don’t just want to smell fine in the gym – we want to smell great! Here are some of our favourite fresh smelling perfumes and body sprays which are perfect to wear in the gym.

1. Boss in Motion
This light fragrance is super-invigorating and perfect for your workout. It comes in a cool spherical bottle too, making it great for throwing into your gym bag at the last minute.

2. Davidoff Cool Water
Davidoff Cool Water has been created to help you discover the power of cool. This classic scent is inspired by the ocean and promises to provide a feeling of intense freshness – perfect for the gym or for post-workout feel-good energy. If you love this fragrance, try Davidoff Cool Water deodorant, and keep your cool throughout even the most intense workout.

3. Ralph Lauren Polo Sport
This aftershave by forever-iconic Ralph Lauren is sporty and energising. With a summery blend of lemon, mandarin, lavender and bergamot, this refreshing scent will have you feeling bright wherever you wear it – even in the gym!

4. Calvin Klein CK One
Fresh, timeless and utterly iconic, Calvin Klein’s CK One seems to make our lists time and time again. This fragrance can be worn anywhere – to the gym, to work, or in the evening, and never fails to make an impression. Fruity top-notes of jasmine, rose and lily of the valley combine wonderfully, while musk, sandalwood, cedar and amber make up an earthy base.

Throw the frosted glass bottle into your gym bag and enjoy your workout! What’s more, CK One has been designed to be worn by both men and women, so whether you prefer a more masculine scent or something a little more feminine, this light option will work perfectly.

5. Paul Smith Extreme Sport
The iconic brand enters sports-fragrance-territory with the launch of this fresh and energising twist on the classic, Extreme for Men. Inspired by Paul Smith’s childhood dream of becoming a professional cyclist, this fragrance is both evocative and memorable, the perfect motivation to get you through a tough workout.

Yoga Skin

Yoga Skin

Whether it is with the latest anti- wrinkle cream you have tried or whether you’ve invested in invasive procedures such as botox or plastic surgery we are forever trying to approve our appearance. We all want to look and feel our best!

In 2017 figures showed that in the UK 28,315 went under the knife, with highs off 51,000+ in 2015. In 2017 a whopping 2.69 million had soft filler tissue such as botox usually used to reduce signs of aging. But more and more of us are taking a different approach, by improving our health and lifestyle choices. A new trend the beauty industry has seen is yoga skin; Yoga is a popular exercise used to improve body strength and as a relaxation technique, but it also now proving the benefits to your skin.

So, let’s talk about the YOGA GLOW… is it a thing? Yes, and it is being described as a fresh, juicy, luscious look! How does this work? The motion of yoga combined with the breathing exercises helps to balance out hormones and enlarges blood vessels which increase the blood flow providing the skin with nutrients and oxygen. Take a look at some of benefits we have found in more detail;

Increases Blood Circulation – Most exercises improve your blood circulation, but speed might not be your style so if you prefer Yoga to Zumba don’t worry slow is not ineffective. Positions such as a spinal twist, shoulder stand and forward folds are a great way to increase blood flow to your face. Blood flow to the facial area will speed up the skin cell renewal nerves, bringing on that glow!

Reduces Toxins – As mentioned blood circulation is key but if you add some sun salutations A or B to raise the tempo, increasing body temperature this will allow your body to sweat out all toxins. If you have a build up of toxins this could be the cause of breakouts or dark areas so, get your blood pumping even if it is only slightly – take it at your own pace!

Oxygen Purifying – Yoga is known for its breathing exercises, so if you can include positions such as a camel pose or high cobra this will allow your body to open your lungs letting more oxygen in. Oxygen is essential for a bright and youthful complexion as it fills the blood with boosting nutrients.

Lowers Stress – Stress at any age can be the cause of skin concerns whether it brings on break outs or effects your sleep leaving you with dark circles and tired lines. Lowering your stress is a huge health benefit! Restorative yoga relaxes the body and clears the mind, as well as promoting restful sleep.

Balances Hormones – Yoga is renowned for restoring harmony and helping our bodies to regulate hormones. This helps with everything from breakouts and acne to fatigue. Vinyasa classes will stimulate hormone producing glands allowing your body to keep its natural balance.

We put this too the test and sent a volunteer to a local Yoga class. Four weeks in and here is the latest update;

‘The first class I found challenging due to my strength, so my breathing was out of time, but I now love attending the class. There is no pressure for ability and your body instantly feels better from taking in bigger breathes and stretching out. My skin has completely cleared up since the Christmas period with a combination of Yoga and trialing natural products. I find the class a great alternative to a usual work out and extremely helpful with mindfulness.’

If you want to trial something new that is budget friendly Yoga is perfect with great added benefits. The Yoga Glow is real! If you want to try some organic, natural products that can help aid your skin then one organic brand we would recommend would be The Organic Pharmacy.

Urban Veda – Ayurveda, Skincare and the Soul

Urban Veda – Ayurveda, Skincare and the Soul

5,000 years ago in India the health and well being system called Ayurveda was developed which established a connection between the mind and body. Today, Ayurveda is still considered one of the world’s most sophisticated natural medicinal systems alongside the likes of Chinese medicine. Ayurveda’s core remedy for maintaining good health and wellbeing is achieving balance of the mind, body and spirit. The Urban Veda ranges are built to work for each dosha types.

5,000 years ago in India the health and well being system called Ayurveda was developed which established a connection between the mind and body. Today, Ayurveda is still considered one of the world’s most sophisticated natural medicinal systems alongside the likes of Chinese medicine. Ayurveda’s core remedy for maintaining good health and wellbeing is achieving balance of the mind, body and spirit.

Vata types are ruled by the Air and Ether elements. This abundance of air creates a very fast paced life and Vatas talk and think very quickly. Naturally creative, energetic and passionate, this dosha can often be described as being ‘airy fairy’ or having their ‘head in the clouds’. Vatas can always feel the cold so when they are out of balance, this gets heightened. Their skin also increases in dryness and dullness and becomes more dehydrated. Our Radiance range is specially formulated for the Vata dosha by drawing on ingredients that naturally brighten the skin. Turmeric for example, has been used in India for thousands of years to do exactly that. It features as the key ingredient, alongside Papaya which is also an excellent skin enhancer, Liquorice to restore the skins’ elasticity and Aloe Vera which thoroughly hydrates the skin.

Pitta types are usually very fair with pale skin. Ruled by the Fire and Earth elements, this dosha has a fire that burns within them and it is this fire than makes them very driven and ambitious characters. They are head strong and ‘fiery’ and will often be in CEO and entrepreneurial type roles in the workplace. Pittas also typically have sensitive skin, which can be easily aggravated when out of balance. Our Soothing range contains a variety of ingredients chosen to cool and calm any aggravation on the skin that may have occurred. Sandalwood is known for its soothing properties and gently prevents the internal fire from increasing and becoming unbalanced. Lavender and Aloe Vera are also used to provide gentle yet effective hydration.

The Kapha dosha is comprised of the Earth and Water elements. Anyone who is a Kapha will be extremely grounded, humble and level headed. They love living life to the full and are compassionate and loving. Kaphas have naturally oily skin so when out of balance, the skin can become blemished and acne prone. To control the excess sebum, our Purifying range draws on the powerful properties of Neem, an ingredient known as the ‘Village Pharmacy’ in India. It is used in many ways as it is highly antiseptic and when combined with Tea Tree and Witch Hazel, the face is cleansed from bacteria and completely mattified.

Hair Care During Pregnancy

Hair Care During Pregnancy

The body goes through many changes during pregnancy, and we all know that it’s safe to take a little extra care when it comes to the food we eat, what we drink and the supplements we take.

Expectant mothers also need to be more careful when it comes to chemicals and harmful substances they come into contact with, so many women worry about colouring their hair during pregnancy due to the substances which are found in hair dyes.

However, according to the NHS, research has shown that it’s totally safe to colour your hair while pregnant.

Very high doses of the chemicals found in hair dye can cause harm – but these doses more than exceed the amount you’re exposed to when dying your hair. However, for those who want to err on the side of caution, there are some steps you can take to make sure you’re being as safe as possible when changing your look.

Dying your Hair When Pregnant

Even though the risks are low, we recommend that anyone choosing to dye their hair while pregnant should wait until they are past the 12-week mark, when the risk of chemical substances harming the baby is much lower.

If you decide to use a home hair dye kit, there are ways you can reduce potential risks.
● Always wear gloves to minimise the risk of dye getting on your skin
● Wash all dye out after the minimum recommended time
● Apply the dye in a well-ventilated room
● Wash your scalp once the dye has been washed out
● Always do a strand test 24-hours before you plan to apply the dye
● Choose “pregnancy safe” hair dye kit, such as Revlon Professional Nutri Color Creme
● Consider using a root touch up such as Derma V10 Root Concealer Spray or Color WOW Root Cover Up if you’re only worried about your roots showing

If you choose to get your hair dyed professionally at the salon, always make sure you:
● Choose a hairdresser with reviews from other pregnant women – your hair will change during pregnancy, and it’s important to have a hairdresser who will take this into consideration
● Advise your hairdresser that you’re pregnant before your appointment so they can let you know your options
● Ensure sure the salon you go to has good hygiene reviews and is well ventilated
● Get a patch test 24-hours before
● Consider getting highlights, ombre or balayage instead of dying all your hair – this way, the dye will only be painted onto your hair instead of applied to your scalp

Is it safe to dye your hair while breastfeeding?

Again, the NHS advises that it is safe to dye your hair while breastfeeding, as very few chemicals used in hair dye enter your bloodstream, so they won’t be passed on to your baby. However, if you still feel concerned, you can instead opt for highlights or lowlights to change your look, instead of going for a full head of hair dye, as no colour will actually come into contact with your skin.

Hair Changes and Hair Care During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the texture of your hair can change completely. It can go from curly and bouncy to lifeless and limp, or from poker straight to a frizz of curls. Although this doesn’t happen to every woman, it’s worth taking note of the changes in your hair so you can adapt your haircare routine.

If you notice your hair getting frizzy, make sure you use an intensive hair mask like Osmo Colour Save Radiance Mask. If you notice your hair becoming limp, try Tigi Bed Head Fully Loaded Massive Volume Duo to get back your full, luscious locks.

Often, your hair can become much thicker in your second trimester but then can fall out in clumps after your little one is born. If this happens to you, don’t panic! This is an entirely normal consequence of hormonal changes. Your hair will return back to normal soon, and in the meantime you can invest in hair repair products to speed up the process.

If you look after your hair during pregnancy, you’ll have nothing to worry about, and with a bit of TLC, it will revert back to its normal condition after about six to eight months.

For more info on hair care, check out the best oils you can use to help get your hair back to tip-top condition or take a look at the best heat-free hairstyles you can use to create a fuss-free, stylish look quickly.

Thank you for reading, we hope you’ve enjoyed this post! Come and take a look at the incredible fragrance and beauty brands we stock!

At Work Workouts

At Work Workouts

The start of the year brings one word to mind – hectic. Despite telling yourself that this year will be the year you’ll sort out your skin-care routine, have a balanced diet and exercise more, a busy work schedule can throw all of those good intentions out of the window. Sound familiar? Fear not, we have enlisted help from our friends over at PureGym to provide tips on how to incorporate a work out into a day at your desk.


Great for working the lower body, the bodyweight squat can be performed almost anywhere with no equipment and limited space which is ideal for the office. It works all major leg muscles and can determine how well you can perform many other exercises. This is a great core exercise for those looking to generally exercise more and tone up.

1. Stand tall with feet slightly wider than hip-width distance apart, feet slightly turned out.
2. Roll your shoulders and down away from the ears. This will help you to maintain a straight spine.
3. Look straight ahead and take a deep breathe in and tighten your ab muscles. Then bend your knees and sink your hips back while lowering your hips towards the floor until it sinks just below the knees. Try to keep a straight spine and tight core throughout the whole movement.
4. Stay in this position briefly, before straightening your legs and exploding back up to standing position, and then exhale.
5. Repeat as many repetitions required.


If you’re sat at your desk all day, a walkout can be great for working your core and shoulders. Doing this small exercise at your desk may not feel like you are doing much, but this workout is good for your posture especially if you feel like you slouch.

1. Start from standing position, then bend at the hips and place your hands on the floor.
2. Now walk your hands forward, until you reach a starting press-up position. Hold here for a second then walk your hands back in, back up to standing.


If you find picking up your phone isn’t quite keeping up those bicep muscles you’ve long dreamed of, then single arm curls can help you towards achieving this.

1. Stand with feet hip-width apart with a water bottle (to use as weights) in hand, palm facing forward and elbow close to your side.
2. Slowly curl the dumbbell upwards, bending from your elbow, until the dumbbell reaches your shoulder.
3. Slowly lower the water bottle back to the start position.
4. Complete your set, then switch hands.


Triceps more your vibe? If you want to focus more on your under-arm muscle, tricep dips are great and strengthen your overall arms. You may not notice straight away but keep up these exercises over time and you’ll find that your work bag isn’t as heavy as you once thought.

1. Sit on the edge of a chair, with your hands either side of your hips.
2. Shuffle your bottom off the edge of the chair and bend your knees, feet flat on the floor.
3. Straighten your arms and then slowly lower your bottom down to the floor. Keep your chest up. The heels of your palms should be facing the back of the room.
4. Pause briefly at the bottom of the move, then press back up powerfully. Remember, don’t rush it.

FORWARD LUNGES (on each leg)

Sitting at a desk all day can mean that you aren’t achieving that step-count you promised yourself you would better this year, and whilst you’ll probably have to take a quick break to do this one (unless you’re an amazing multi-tasker), this exercise is great for those looking to improve balance and leg strength.

1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and with a dumbbell in each hand.
2. Step forwards with one leg into a long stride and lower into a lunge, bending both knees and keeping your posture upright while ensuring your knees don’t travel over your toes.
3. Drive through your front heel to return to standing.
4. Repeat by stopping forward with the opposite leg into another stride.

So, there you go, 5 simple workouts to integrate into your working day. Looking for inspiration on how to gym proof your make-up looks? Check out our guide, here.